Saturday, September 1, 2012

How Social Media Marketing Fits Into All Aspects of Your Campaign

Social media is a relatively new way for marketers to reach out to consumers and as such, social networks can initially be a challenge for brands to navigate. But once grasped, it can be an excellent marketing and publishing channel that can be integrated into all aspects of a holistic digital strategy. Including a social strategy is something that all brands should consider as it is truly a global medium with increasing and important reach.

Email marketing

Social media can be and should be easily integrated into your brand's email marketing campaign. Doing so will not only help your brand gain more fans and followers on your various social networking profiles; it can also boost your email list in return. By regularly posting updates to remind social followers of your email newsletter or even hosting a sign-up page right on your social media profile, you can make sure that both mediums are working together to grow your brand.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is experiencing massive growth rates as the number of mobile and smart phone users continues to grow at exponential rates. The growing popularity of tablet devices has also encouraged marketers to invest even more focus in this field. In South Africa, more people connect online via their mobile devices than through desktop computers and the number one activity engaged in on these devices: social media. Brands that are able to establish social media presence and use it as part of a mobile campaign are very likely to see great return on investment especially if targeting a younger audience.

QR codes have also changed the way consumers find content and pages through their mobile phones. By including QR codes in print advertisements or even posters even traditional mediums can now become interactive points of connection.

Video marketing

Video marketing is another exciting medium that just effortlessly blends with social media. Video sharing sites such as YouTube almost function like social networks in their own right with user profiles commenting systems and the like. But it is first and foremost a publishing platform where brands can upload their own branded videos. Once live, these videos can then instantly be shared and embedded on websites and blogs as well as social networks such as Facebook to Twitter. Videos are one of the most popular content forms on the web and fare particularly well when shared with your followers via social media.

SEO and social media

In today's information hungry world, more and more brands are relying on being visible when their consumers search for them through major search engines such as Google. A major part of SEO is the process of link building and social networks provides brands and publishers with an organic way to do just that. By sharing your branded content online you'll be generating traffic to your brand's website and blog and from there things could get exciting. From there people can either link to your content or use their social profiles to share that very link - and so the cycle continues.

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