Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top 7 Reasons to Use Printed Posters to Promote Yourself

1. Location and Visibility

There is nothing more important than location to reach your target audience. With TV or Internet marketing, you have to hope that your audience is watching your advertisement or visiting your web pages. Posters give you the advantage of allowing you to place them right in front of your target audience.

For example, if you are advertising for a new seaside restaurant, you can start by putting up posters around the beach and parking lots around the area. There is a good reason why subways and banks are cluttered with posters. These are places where people wait and are sure to have the time to read your poster and jot down your contact information.

2. Attention span of your audience

A long rambling advertisement can cost you more air time but cannot retain the attention span of your audience. Brief, concise information of your services is more likely to impress people and encourage them to call for more information.

3. A picture can convey a thousand words

A good layout and use of appropriate colours in a poster are sure to attract more customers than an entire website full of attractive videos and images. Your poster does not have to be elaborately designed. It just needs to have all the details presented against an impressive background that draws attention to the content rather than the design.

4. Cost effective

It is by far the cheapest form of advertising. But it does not mean that prospective customers might view your business as down-market. All the biggest products and services in the industry are sure to use posters to advertise.

5. Serves to highlight your product

Almost all the biggest products in the market put out posters in malls and supermarkets to emphasise the availability of their products in the respective stores. Without such posters to guide customers, they may even be unaware of its availability.

6. Flexibility of size

The best thing about posters is that you can customise them to any size you want. You can print an array of sizes and use them according to the space available.

7. Keep it fresh

Since you will not be spending much on them, you can keep things fresh by going in for new colours and fonts and updating the content as and when needed.

Taking your business and services to a new market is always a challenge. However, that is exactly what poster printing brings to the table. The familiarity of constantly coming across your posters can bring in new customers for your business.


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  2. Absolutely agree with the points that you have mentioned here. Printed posters definitely give off a professional look and help promote not only your product, but your brand as well.

    Even if it doesn't attract as many customers, as you would have hoped, they show that you are serious about your company and even add credibility to your products and services.

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    Thanks for the tips!